Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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I came up with a brilliant idea for this blog today so thought I would implement it as soon as possible. With my various business ventures, I wanted to be able to use this blog as a way to promote myself and the great products I am able to sell. So I decided that each day of the week would be reserved to promote one business and their sales, promos, or just my favorite item. Hopefully, this will generate more sales to my actual business websites.

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way a "business" website for any of the companies I am involved in, and I pray that nobody will try to shut this down. This is my personal blog, where I can share my views on any products that I so desire. No sales will go through this website.
(There that should hold off any "issues"...I hope).

So to start off this glorious Tuesday, April 15th, Tax day....(just had to through that in for any that are still fighting that beast), I present to you STAMPIN' UP.

Today is my "official" start as a Stampin' Up demonstrator. At least in my eyes, it's my official start as my kit arrived today! Technically I think my start up date was when they received my appplication, probably April 1st or so. Anyway, I excitedly stood in line today for 20 minutes at the post office, entertaining my 5yo daughter (and the rest of the line up I'm sure) by getting her to read signs for me. Waiting in anticipation for my parcel, the KIT!

I'm just thrilled with it. I think, aside from the stamps, the best thing in the box was a set of magazines with all kinds of layouts and card ideas. And then, oh my, the website! I just found a great template for making a scrapbook in a night! (small album 6X6), but boy does that give me a great idea for a workshop.

I can tell that the next few weeks might have me being a bit "one sided" in my businesses as I get to know this new venture. But just think of how creative I'll be being!

Don't forget to check out my own personal stampin' up website: http://colleensmith.stampinup.net

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