Friday, May 16, 2008

Felt Fridays: Creepy Crawlers & Tall Tales

One thing I love about Story Time Felts is they are always coming up with new felt board sets that are so cool! This month's new set is perfect for the boys in your life....Creepy Crawlers. Why is it that boys are so fascinated with bugs? Well, I guess girls are too, but boys have that reputation you know? If there is an interesting bug on the floor and I call my kids over to check it out, Eric will be the first in line, wanting to find some way of capturing it. Stephanie will want me to just get rid of it, and Cassie will waver between fascination and fear, depending on her mood.

Kids will have a great time playing with this set: Uncut $29.99 Precut $34.99

Aside from the bug set, there is also the new Tall Tales Story set and board. Two of my favorite Tall tales is Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan. I had a great Paul Bunyan record that I wore out as a child.

Tall Tales: Uncut $48.99 Precut $54.99

I see so many great applications for both of these sets. Can't wait to get them in and start playing with them!

To order, call me at 734-3748 or email!

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