Monday, May 12, 2008

Motoring Mondays: Intro Better Drivers

Monday is supposed to be reserved for Usborne books. Trouble is, I think I may have let my distributorship in this company lapse. And with all that's going on I may have to leave it for now. So....what to do? What to do......?

I know, promote my real life business: Better Drivers! No one can get mad at me for that one!

Driving school is what pays the bills and feeds the family. I've gotten pretty good at teaching the class, and since Monday is the first day of my weekly class, what better day to promote it?

You have to check out our website: My DH has been working hard on it, adding articles daily and working towards our goal to offer an online driver's ed class for those on Guam. Who knows, if we do a good enough job, maybe we could offer it to other states as well that accept online driver's ed. It still needs a lot of work, but since school will be finished by the end of this week (my other day job) I will have time to dedicate to this worthy endeavor.

Check back next Monday for more driving school tips!

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